Life Choices

How Do You Make the Right Choices in Life?


Right Choices

“When something bad happens, you have three choices, you can let it define you, destroy you or let it strengthen you.” Unknown.

Choices are our mechanism for moving life forward, staying in place or regressing into yesterday. Our life outcomes are always determined by our choices. Positive life choices create positive consequences. In Christianity, the direction of mankind begins with choices made by Adam and Eve.  Do they follow the one rule they have been given or follow their own curiosity? We all know the answer. They follow their curiosity. Choosing a life that matters requires making choices in an informed manner.

Adam and Eve had no idea that their choice would result in life-altering circumstances in the Eden story. And often, we too, act as if our life choices have no immediate or long term consequences.  However, as we live and learn in our own lives, we are often painfully and sometimes joyfully aware of the consequences of our choices.

The questions I am often asked are, ‘How does one choose positive life choices?’ ‘How does one evaluate the choices (especially the major choices) that we are confronted with daily?’  Following are my answers for my own life. I use the questions that guide journalists in creating a holistic picture by asking:

Who is guiding this life choice in substance and spirit?– Ask whose voice you are following in making the decision. Is it a parent, a teacher, a bully, a trusted friend, or your own voice guiding the decision? We are all influenced by our culture and others. Are they cheerleaders or critics? Stopping to identify the voice and source of information is critical to moving forward.

 What am I being asked to do? – Ask what am I really being asked to do? Do I want the outcome to be a part of my life? Will it be a positive life outcome?

When will the outcome impact my life? – Ask when I need to reply or make the first move. Are there other elements to consider?

Where will I end up?– Ask where can this decision take me? Is it backwards, forward or will I remain in place?

How will I get to the positive life outcome– Ask how will I get to the place that the decision will take me? Again, askis it a place I want to be?

By following this train of thought, you can evaluate life choices in a manner to leads to informed success. You can also eliminate and become aware more quickly of the life choices that will not serve your goal of choosing a life that matters. Do you have a different way of evaluating life choices? Please share, I would love to hear from you.



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