Gratitude and Thankfullness

How Do You Express Your Gratitude?


“If the only prayer you say in your whole life is ‘Thank You’, that would be enough.” Meister Eckhart.

Why does gratitude and thankfulness matter? It is because success in both life and business is about exchanging positive energy.  If you are not experiencing life as a pleasure or your business is not flowing, take a look at how you are exchanging energy doing the day. There are tell-tale signs that can be seen and felt as you will see.

The manner in which you reflect or deflect gratitude announces to the world your personal comfort with who you are and how you see yourself.  I have learned this in my own life as I have learned to navigate my sense of worthiness. The most obvious way to notice this dynamic in action is to consider this scenario. You are complimented on something you are wearing. Possible replies are:

“This old thing, I’ve had it for years,” (Deflecting)

“Do you really like it? It’s not my favorite color.” (Deflecting)

“I wish it were just a bit shorter or bigger or another color. But thank you anyway.” (Deflecting)

“Thank you for noticing. I feel good in it.” “I also love what you are wearing.” (Reflecting)

The first three replies deflect and actually make the complimenting party wrong in their opinion. They offer no graciousness and thankfulness for being noticed because those who use deflecting statements do not want to be noticed or complimented. In the reflecting statement, the complimenting party is thanked and reciprocated creating a back and forth exchange of energy.

This dynamic also works in business exchanges. Note how you reflect or deflect when someone asks about or compliments your business, your logo, your marketing materials etc.  Also take note of how you feel as you walk away from a business contact. Do you feel deflated or did you exchange enough good energy to leave a favorable impression?

I wrote three chapters on this dynamic in my book, Choose Again because the proper expression of gratitude and thankfulness are hallmarks in creating the life you want. Be sure to check out Confidence- The Dealmaker, No Apologies Necessary and Gratitude and Service. To your reading pleasure!

What did you find when you looked at how you handle gratitude and thankfulness in your life?

Gratitude is an expression I use for unexpected graciousness.  It is the compliment, the opened door, the sweeping bow, the lunch that I did not expect, the flowers, the cards, the surprising smiles from others that create a flow of pleasant emotion.  Gratitude is closely tied to the word, grace’. Grace is often defined as unmerited favor. In other words, you have not earned the act or emotion that you are enjoying.


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